Knife Painting (Hydrangea) @ The Coastal Settlement

We've tag team-ed with The Coastal Settlement to bring you this edition of our Knife Painting Workshop (Hydrangea)! 


Using the impasto technique, participants will create a piece full of expressions evoked through the use of only palette knives. Painting with a palette knife is fast-paced, exciting and fun, producing finished pieces that evince textural qualities and expressive gesture. 


Participants will be painting outdoors in a sheltered area, surrounded by lush trees, shrubs and green fields. No experience is required and all materials will be provided. Just remember to bring yourself and an open mind! 


This workshop is conducted by Jae, the brains behind Artify Studio.




  • This workshop will be held at The Coastal Settlement
    (refer to 'Where is this Workshop held?' below for more details)
  • A confirmation email will be sent to you within 3 - 4 working days upon successful checkout. 
  • SkillsFuture credits are not applicable for Artify Studio's programmes.
  • Min. 4 pax to conduct the workshop. In the event the minimum number of pax is not met, the workshop will be cancelled and participants will be informed via email within 3 days of the workshop date. If the minimum number of pax is met, a reminder email will be sent to all participants within 1 week of the workshop date.
  • Artify Studio reserves the right to make any changes without any prior notice.
  • Price

    $70.60: Knife Painting Workshop only
    (inclusive of service charge and GST)

    $100.00: Knife Painting Workshop + Food Bundle Package
    (inclusive of service charge and GST)


    Only for this workshop, add $25 for a choice of a meal and a drink!


    Meal (choose 1):

    • Big Breakfast
    • Nasi Lemak
    • Hokkien Mee
    • Oyster Char Kway Teow
    • Prawn Aglio Olio (Vegetarian available)


    Drink (choose 1):

    • Coffee
    • Tea
    • Soft drinks
    • Bottled Juices
    • Milkshake



    • No reservations or pre-selection of the food is required
    • Orders will be placed on the day itself, when you are ready to eat
    • You may purchase the Food Bundle for your friend/companion while you partake in the workshop 
    • Eating while painting is not recommended - we encourage you to have your meal before/after the workshop! But you may enjoy your drink while you paint
    • If you have any dietary needs or allergies, please let the staff at The Coastal Settlement know


    Click here to view their menu.

  • What will I learn?

    • Types of impasto paste
    • How to mix acrylic paint with impasto
    • How to layer colours with a palette knife
    • How to blend colours with a palette knife
    • How to scrap with a palette knife
    • Types of palette knives for painting
  • All materials provided!

    ULTIMATE FUSS FREE painting workshop - all course materials are included in the price.


    • Canvas
    • Acrylic paints
    • Impasto paste
    • Palette knives
    • Apron
    • Pencil
    • Eraser
    • Water container
    • Rag (to dry brushes)
    • Kraft box to bring home your painting


    Participants will bring home their masterpiece at the end of the workshop.

  • Where is this workshop held?

    Venue: The Coastal Settlement


    Address: 200 Nethevaron Road, Singapore 508529

    Telephone: +65 6475 0200


    Please use Google Maps or your preferred navigation method to find the best way to The Coastal Settlement.

  • Who is this workshop suitable for?

    • Beginners
    • Nature lovers
    • Floral lovers
    • Ages 10 years old and above


    Min. 4 pax to conduct the workshop

  • Workshop Policies

    • Please be punctual for the workshop. We don't want you to miss anything! 
    • Please be kind to us :) Just message us at 9011 1431 to inform us if you're not attending
    • Lessons are strictly non-transferable and no refunds will be given if students are unable to attend any lessons
    • Payment by Cash/NETS/credit and debit card at The Coastal Settlement on the day itself
  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    • What if we can’t draw? Will the instructors help us?
      If you have no prior experience, don’t worry! Instructors are there to provide guidance. They will not help you draw, but rather give you the tips and tricks to help you achieve what you want.
    • What if I'm late?
      Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the workshop begins so you can register with us, settle down and get comfy! We will give a 15-minute grace period. Any later than that, we're afraid you will not be able to join the workshop.
    • What if the workshop is cancelled? Are we still entitled to the Food Bundle Package?
      In the event that the workshop is cancelled as the minimum number of participants is not met, an email will be sent to you at least 3 days before the workshop. The Food Bundle Package will not be redeemable; it is only valid if the workshop is taking place.
    • Can we bring our own image to paint?
      For teaching and learning purposes, we will provide the reference images that will best allow you to execute the techniques taught. After learning the techniques, you can apply it to your subsequent paintings!
    • Can we bring our child/children along?
      Sorry, for the consideration of other participants we do not allow children during the workshop. This is meant for adults only. We seek your understanding on this. But if you have someone to take care of your children while you attend the workshop, feel free to bring them!
    • Can we bring our pet(s)? 
      Yes! The Coastal Settlement is a pet-friendly restaurant. However, unless you have someone to help you petsit while you attend the workshop, we don't recommend bringing your pets as they may become restless. 
    • Can we bring our own food and drinks?
      No outside food and drinks are allowed. You can order food from The Coastal Settlement's special weekend menu.
    • Can we drink alcohol while we paint?
      Of course! Let those creative juices flow but don't drink till you get drunk! We won't be able to take care of you if things get out of control.
    • What if our painting does not dry in time?
      The power of hairdryers will help quicken the drying process! 
    • Can we bring home our painting?
      Why, of course!! Your hard work and effort is evident in the masterpiece you create and we want you to proudly bring back your creation.
    • How do we bring back our painting?
      Don’t fret! We’ve got it all covered - a kraft box is provided.
    • How do we hang our painting at home?
      You can use 3M Command 17206Blk Black Large Picture Hanging Strips or seek for advise in a store before purchasing. We do not sell the strips. Purchase will need to be done elsewhere.
    • What is acrylic paint?
      Acrylic paint is a fast-drying paint made of pigment suspended in acrylic polymer emulsion. They are water-soluble, but become water-resistant when dry. So in a sense, you could say that it’s water-proof!
    • What is the difference between acrylic paints and oil paints?
      When it comes to colour, oil paints have more pigment in them, allowing richer, more vivid colours. Acrylics may also darken slightly as they dry, while oil paints do not. The main difference between oils and acrylics is drying time. Acrylic paint will dry within an hour, if not within fifteen minutes. Oil paintings normally take around a few days to even a few weeks to dry, sometimes even 6 months!
    • What happens if acrylic paint gets on my clothes?
      Quick! Wash it immediately but it might stain your clothes, depending on the type of fabric. There will be stains for denim and cotton. We recommend you to either wear clothes you don’t mind getting paint on, or bring a change of clothes.
    • Do we need to varnish our painting?
      It is not necessary to do so. If you would like to do so, you can head over to Art Friend.

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