OH MY GOUACHAMOLE - A Pattern Illustration Workshop

OH MY GOUACHAMOLE - A Pattern Illustration Workshop

Avo wanted to create your own illustrative pattern? Have a fruitful session learning how to use gouache to paint your own! Green and bumpy on the outside, soft and fleshy on the inside. The extremely popular avocado is a much-loved subject in modern illustration simply because of its clean shape, versatile forms and vibrant colour palette. 
In this workshop, you’ll learn the basics of using HIMI gouache paint, which has shot to stardom in recent years! Bravocado!!! Gouache, a water-based paint, is thick and creamy and some might say, a cross between watercolours and acrylics. Have a smashing good time understanding how to work with this paint, from building shades of colours to blending and adding the finer details. Once you’ve got the basics, we’ll explore different ways to draw avocados, and then build out our own partners - with our own unique colour combinations, of course!


Can’t wait? Let’s “gouac” and roll!
No experience is required and all materials are provided for this session. Gouache kits can be purchased at the studio itself before or after class. 




The safety of our participants is of utmost importance to us and we are adhering to MOH guidelines and taking necessary precautions in order to do so.


Upon entry into our studio, please complete the following steps:

🤳🏼 Scan the Safe Entry QR code and check in

🌡️ Take your temperature

🧴 Sanitise your hands or wash your hands with soap 


⛔ Due to the rising community cases, consumption of food is no longer allowed in the studio until further notice. Access to our snack bar will be closed but you may still help yourself to the packet/canned drinks in the fridge.


😷 Masks are required to be worn at all times except when you are drinking. After which, masks are required to be put back on immediately. Please ensure that your mask covers both your nose and mouth when it is worn.


As this is a shared space, kindly be reminded to not speak loudly and refrain from shouting across the room.


Let's all play our part in remaining safe and vigilant to protect ourselves and everyone in the community! 😊🌟



  • Price is $70/pax (All guidance and materials provided).
  • Payment to be made via PayNow/PayLah/bank transfer before the workshop to secure your slots. A confirmation message will be sent to you within 3 - 4 working days upon successful checkout. 
  • SkillsFuture credits are not applicable for Artify Studio's programmes.
  • Min. 4 pax to conduct the workshop. In the event the minimum number of pax is not met, the workshop will be cancelled and participants will be informed via WhatsApp within 3 days of the workshop date. If the minimum number of pax is met, a reminder email will be sent to all participants within 1 week of the workshop date.
  • Artify Studio reserves the right to make any changes without any prior notice.

*For government sectors, we can issue you an e-invoice

  • Price

    $70/pax: Workshop + access to usage of materials in the studio
    Participants will get to bring home their painting at the end of the workshop

  • What will I learn?

    First 45 mins - 1 hr

    Introduction to Gouache - what is it, how is it different from watercolour/acrylic, introduction to materials, etc. Participants can expect to learn an introduction to gouache in the first hour.


    Techniques include: 

    • Blending, layering, toning
    • Understanding how to darken/lighten gouache colours with white/blacks
    • Very brief introduction to colour wheel



    Remaining 1.5-2 hours
    Working towards the final artwork. Gouache is popular for the pastel aesthetic vibes similar to Studio Ghibli artwork

    We will paint our own avocado pattern illustration with gouache, learning how to draw different avocados in different shapes first, then to constructing our own patterns and colouring it in.

    Techniques include:

    • Sketching 
    • Colour choice and blending 
    • Pattern composition 
    • Illustration tips
  • All Materials Provided!

    ULTIMATE FUSS FREE painting workshop - all materials will be provided:

    • Watercolour paper
    • Gouache
    • Brushes
    • Pencils
    • Erasers
    • Rags
    • Water Bucket
  • Who is this workshop suitable for?

    • This workshop is open to anyone of any age based in Singapore! (This is an in-studio workshop, where safe-distancing and mask-wearing measures apply) If you’re new to watercolour, or you’ve tried painting with this medium before but would like a more structured approach to picking up some tips & techniques, this workshop is for you.
    • Age limit: humans aged 13 years and above in 2021


    Min. 4 pax to conduct the workshop

  • About the Instructor

    When not running around outdoors under the sun, Tif (@tifaaani) spends time creating illustrations and stories from her collected inspirations. She mostly works with watercolor as a traditional medium, but also dabbles in digital art on the iPad. Her dreamy childlike illustrative style was born out of the belief that the artist is the child that never grew up, and that being able to create is wildly liberating.


    Check out Tif's Instagram for more of her works!

  • Payment & Refund Policy

    Give us a little time, we have a small family and do everything manually. Thanks for your understanding. (Psst! We're closed on Mondays.)


    Payment via PayNow/PayLah/Bank Transfer (refer to details in images above) before the session is required to confirm your slot. A message will be sent to you within 3 - 4 working days upon successful check-out.


    • PayNow: to UEN 201539566W to secure your slot
      PayLah: scan QR code in image above
    • WhatsApp/Telegram screenshot of your transaction to 90111431 please
    • An acknowledgement message will be sent along with directions to our studio


    You may make payment first and send the transaction to us or wait for our message.




    Refund Policy


    • Cancellation one week before: Full refund
    • Cancellation 4 - 6 days before: 75% refund
    • Cancellation within 3 days: 50% refund
    • Cancellation on the day itself: No refund



    If you are unable to come for the session, you have the choice to either opt for a partial refund or reschedule to come on a different date. A 3-day advance notice is required for rescheduling. Please contact us at 90111431 to make the arrangement.


    Artify Studio reserves the rights to make any changes without any prior notice.

  • Workshop Policy

    • Payment is required beforehand to secure your slot.
    • Please be punctual for your lessons, we don't want you to miss anything.
    • Should you be unable to make it, we would really appreciate it if you could inform us at least 5 days prior to the workshop so that we can free up your slot for some one else to come make art with us.
    • Please be kind to us :) Just message us at 9011 1431 to inform us if you're not attending.
    • You may find a replacement if you are unable to make it for the workshop.
    • Safety in the studio is always our top priority. However, Artify Studio will not be held liable or responsible for any accidents that happen on our premises.
  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    • What if I can’t draw?
      This workshop is beginner friendly, so don’t worry even if you can’t draw. There will be step-by-step practices for our instructor to guide participants through so everyone achieves what they set out for in the first place!
    • Can I bring my own images?
      No, as this is a workshop and not an art jamming session. We will guide participants according the theme for a better learning experience.
    • Can parents sit in with their kids for this workshop?Unfortunately, studio space is limited so we can only allow participants who have signed up for the workshop in. We understand that parents want to share the joy, but believe that kids should have their own space to create freely and independently. 

      Parents, you can hear all about the workshop from your kid when it’s over, and everyone can take home the created masterpieces
    • How can I frame up my artwork?
      - Always make sure art work is completely dried
      - Buy a nice frame from IKEA/Daiso
      - Place art work within frame and frame border, and hang it up on your wall!
    • Is gouache water and dust proof?

      Gouache pigments are water-soluble, which means that they dissolve in water. Your painting is NOT waterproof even after it dries, so make sure to keep it away from water! It is also a good idea to keep it out of direct sunlight so the pigments stay vibrant.

      Gouache is not dust proof. Dust can and will gather on your painting if you leave it out in the open. We recommend framing your beloved painting up to protect it from dust a