Art Jam (On the house!)

This event is sponsored by UniOracle Alliance, a group of agency units of Prudential Assurance Company Singapore (Pte) Ltd Reg. No. 199002477Z.

Please note that by registering for this event, you agree to provide the following information to UniOracle Alliance:

  • Name
  • Mobile
  • Email address
  • Date of birth

This session is open to only participants aged 21 years and above on 15 December 2019. Participants do not need to pay for this session.


This session applies only to first-timers — people who have not attended 'Art Jam (On the house!)' before. 




It doesn't matter if you've lost touch of art ever since leaving school. We believe that art is not an occupation nor an industry; it can be done daily regardless of its form. Art is an expression - it could be for passion or even a hobby. It keeps our curiosity running and our minds thinking. Artify Studio is a space to connect with people. We believe that art is for everyone. Many people stop making art after graduating from school. We would love to give you an opportunity to continue making art and enjoy our therapeutic space.

We will provide space, music, art materials and light refreshments. You may bring any reference images to paint. Otherwise, you may also choose one from our image library. Relax in our calm space and enjoy our tidbit bar and mini refrigerator. You can bring sugar, spice and anything nice to share with the community! Make yourself feel at home.


No art experience? We assure you not to worry as tips will be given to kickstart your creative flow along with guidance along the way whenever you need it.​ Forget about your worries and enjoy our therapeutic session, all while hanging out with your best friends and new friends. We say, let's mingle with the good people.


All materials included:

1. 16" x 20" or 16" x 16" Canvas

2. Acrylic paints

3. Brushes

4. Palette

5. Apron

  • How Much to Give?

    This art jam session is on the house, meaning it's free! 


    It has been kindly sponsored by UniOracle Alliance, a group of agency units of Prudential Assurance Company Singapore (Pte) Ltd Reg. No. 199002477Z.

  • The purpose of Liberty Art Jam

    Using Art to bring the community together

    Step closer to building healthy, sustainable and vibrant communities. Art can bring people from all walks of life together, breaking traditional barriers such as age, income, education, race and religion.

    Using Art to spark conversation
    Mingle with family, friends, and fellow art lovers. Bond over shared interests with a stranger. Here is a chance to put their work aside and just be themselves.

    Unwind and be yourself

    Take some time to relax, unwind, create, and express yourself artistically. Nobody is going to judge you here. Soft guidance will be provided as and when you need it.

  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    • Why do I need to provide my personal information? Can I just provide my name and mobile number?
      Sorry, we will need all your details (name, mobile number, date of birth, email address) as it's part of the requirements in order for participants to take part in the session.
    • What if I don't want to give my personal details?
      That means you will not be eligible to participate in the session ☹This is a special event by by UniOracle Alliance, a group of agency unitsof Prudential Assurance Company Singapore (Pte) Ltd Reg. No. 199002477Z.

      However, don't fret! You may join our regular Liberty Art Jam session that's open to the public. 
    • Is this real complimentary session for real?
    • Who is sponsoring us?
      UniOracle Alliance, a group of agency unitsof Prudential Assurance Company Singapore (Pte) Ltd Reg. No. 199002477Z
    • How do I know if I'm eligible for the session?
      As long as you're 21 years old and above on 30 November 2019 and provide us your information, you're eligible!
    • Can I bring my kids?
      Sorry, for the consideration of other art jammers we do not allow children during the art jamming session. This is meant for adults only. We seek your understanding on this event! Perhaps you can check our children’s site for our dedicated children programmes.
    • What if we can’t draw? Will the instructors help us?
      If you have no prior experience, don’t worry! Instructors are there to provide guidance. They will not help you draw, but rather give you the tips and tricks to help you achieve what you want.
    • Can we bring my own food and drinks?
      Yes, of course! But no strong-smelling food like durian or chicken rice please. Do help us to clean up after yourselves too.
    • Do you have bathrooms in the studio?
      Yup! In fact, we have two!
    • What if our painting does not dry in time?
      The power of hairdryers will help quicken the drying process!
    • Can we bring home our painting?
      Why, of course!! Your hard work and effort is evident in the masterpiece you create and we want you to proudly bring back your creation.
    • How do we bring back our painting?
      Don’t fret! We’ve got it all covered - a plastic carrier is provided.
    • How do we hang our painting at home?
      You can use 3M Command 17206Blk Black Large Picture Hanging Strips or seek for advise in a store before purchasing. We do not sell the strips. Purchase will need to be done elsewhere.
    • What is acrylic paint?
      Acrylic paint is a fast-drying paint made of pigment suspended in acrylic polymer emulsion. They are water-soluble, but become water-resistant when dry. So in a sense, you could say that it’s water-proof!
    • What is the difference between acrylic paints and oil paints?
      When it comes to colour, oil paints have more pigment in them, allowing richer, more vivid colours. Acrylics may also darken slightly as they dry, while oil paints do not. The main difference between oils and acrylics is drying time. Acrylic paint will dry within an hour, if not within fifteen minutes. Oil paintings normally take around a few days to even a few weeks to dry, sometimes even 6 months!
    • What happens if acrylic paint gets on my clothes?
      Quick! Wash it immediately but it might stain your clothes, depending on the type of fabric. There will be stains for denim and cotton. We recommend you to either wear clothes you don’t mind getting paint on, or bring a change of clothes.
    • Do we need to varnish our painting?
      It is not necessary to do so. If you would like to do so, you can head over to Art Friend.
  • Art Jamming Policies

    All materials and guidance provided.

    *The session is limited to 25 pax; 
    registration is based on first-come-first-served basis!

    • Should you be unable to make it, we would really appreciate it if you could inform us at least 5 days prior to the class so that we can free up your slot for some one else to come make art with us :)
    • Please be kind to us :) Just message us at +65 9011 1431 to inform us if you can't make it.
    • You may find a replacement if you are unable to make it for the workshop!

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