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(Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How much should I give?
We believe people should pay as much as they deem fit. Based on how much the service is worth to you, how comfortable the environment is, we let you decide how much we should be paid.

$20 and above: thank you for supporting & keeping our communal  space going. 
$35 and more: we put a portion into 
upgrading the studio.


2. Can I bring friends with me?

Of course, they are most certainly welcome. Just remember that it's PWYW (Pay-What-You-Wish)/person.


3. Can I bring my own food?

Sure! Just make sure you clean up after yourself. & no strong smelling food, please! Our place is air-conditioned and we have to be considerate to the other studio users as well.


4. What if I can't make my slot?

That's okay! Just be sure to let us know at least 2 days in advance so we can open it up to someone else. Otherwise, we require you to look for someone who can come in your place.


5. What if I need a lot of space?

Please include information like this in your booking email/text so we can prepare for your arrival accordingly.


6. What if I'm late/too early?

No worries, just drop us a text (+65 9011 1431) so we know if you're coming or not.

Note that we are strictly open at 9.30am and close at 6.00pm

7. Can I make a last-minute reservation?
Sure. If there are slots available, we'd love to have you!

8. Do you sell food in your premise?
No, but there are many great food options available around!
Check out our Foodify section for recommendations around our neighbourhood.


9. Can I bring my friend along even though he/ she isn't doing anything?

Due to the homey nature of our space, we can only accommodate to up to 14 people at a time. We'd love to let you bring a friend, but he/she will have to abide by the PWYW system as well.

10. Can I bring my child along?
We welcome children but only if your child is above 9 years old. It is important to note that we cannot look after your child for you, and that this is a quiet space. Likewise, your child should be taken into consideration when you pay for your stay.

11. What if I am unable to finish my work? Can I leave it at your studio and continue another time?
We highly advise that you complete within the stipulated time. As we have numerous people walking in and out of the studio, we cannot guarantee that your things are 100% safe here. It would be best if you brought it home with you. 


12. Can we conduct meetings in your space?

Yes, of course! Please click here for more information as this falls under another category of services that we provide.

13. Are pets allowed on your premises?
No. Our house pet, Danny the Dinosaur, might scare your pets away.


14. Is there parking?
Yes, there is a multi-storey carpark in Textile Centre.

15. Can I make a booking for many days in a row?
We'd love to have you here for often as you'd like to come. However, we seek your cooperation in committing to the days you have booked so we don't waste a slot. 

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