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the paper society

 Lifestyle Stationeries &   Journaling Kits 


 stickers, washi tapes,   decorative papers,   notebooks, pens and markers 

Run by Shu, The Paper Society aims to share their love for lifestyle stationeries and all things journal.


Journaling sits in the intersection of Productivity X Creativity. When done mindfully, journals help to organise not just our days but also our thoughts and feelings. Whether it is bullet journaling or freestyle lifestyle journaling, a suitable method will help create a more fulfilling and intentional life through keen planning and/or conscious reflection.

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Tropical race 4_Logo for vendor.jpeg
tropical race 4

 Handmade Jewellery, 

 Rat Bastard Spawns, 

 One-of-a-kind Garments  with Fashion Waste 



 "Slidey-scale" Pricing 

 for all other items 

Tropical Race 4 (TR4) is a virus strain that causes the current Panama disease outbreak amongst bananas of the Cavendish cultivar subgroup. It is caused by a fungus that lives in the soil and does not directly harm any other living being except for bananas. The fungus is not eradicable and can survive in the soil for decades without host plants.

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a slow-made space

 Eco-resin Trinket Trays, 

 Scented Soy Wax Candles 


 metal tin candles 

For now, this space lists scented soy wax candles and eco-resin crafts, slow-made item by item.


From Oct '21 to Dec '21, 100% of proceeds will be donated to Children's Wishing Well, a non-profit organisation that provides services for children and youth from low-income families nationwide to support their educational and daily living needs.

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Auntie Jessie Logo.jpeg
auntie jessie

 Crystals and Jewellery 

Uncle Tan, 85, and Auntie Jessie, 73, followed their passion and started Choon Lai Huat Antiques in 1978. They moved from Parkway Parade to Roxy Square in 2004 and have been there ever since. 

After 43 years of being in business, they are looking to retire and need to sell off as much as they can to do so.


Check out Auntie Jessie's handcrafted jewellery and help them retire! You can also say hello to Auntie Jessie in real life at Roxy Square 01-95B! 

Their online Instagram shop is managed by Joie, founder of Layla Luna.

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Layla Luna Logo.jpeg
layla luna

 Jewellery, Glasses and Handmade Items 


 stickers and assorted accessories 

Layla Luna was created in hopes of being able to spread awareness and donate to animal shelters with every purchase.


Currently, 10% of every item sold goes directly to Noah's Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary where over a thousand animals reside.


Shop handmade jewellery, accessories & eyewear for a good cause at Liberty Fest.

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ARWTFC logo 2.jpeg

 Handmade Journals,   Paintings, Paper Bundles 


 handmade journals, 

 random stationeries 

ARoomWithTowelsForCurtains has a knack for expressing everyday life and nature’s beauty onto any blank canvases ready to be painted on. With the favourite mediums being Oil and Gouache, the soft muted colours will be sure to soothe your soul.


Also the paper enthusiast, she practices the art of assembling papers together in what is known as book binding, creating unique yet simple and minimalistic handmade journals.

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artify studio

 Curated Art Kits 

 (Gouache, Watercolour, 

 Acrylic Paints) 


 random art materials 

Established since 2014, Artify Studio is fronted by people-loving individuals who are passionate about art. 


We don’t believe in “thinking out of the box” simply because we aren’t limited by one in the first place.  


At Artify, we aim to cultivate a better learning culture through art and strongly believe that art is not a luxury, but for everyone.

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Oneiro Ink_Final logo.jpeg


 flash tattoos 

As an avid drawer since young, Amanda has always dreamed of becoming a tattoo artist. She started as a passion project and as a stepping stone towards her dream of one day becoming a tattoo artist. offers the experience of having a tattoo without the commitment! provides temporary tattoos that last 1-2 weeks using ink made from the extract of a fruit called Jagua.


Amanda’s drawings take on a line work/illustrative style with special attention to details.

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 Book an appointment here! 

Liberty Fest Decorative Banners_Web 8.png

art market

art market

12 December (Sunday), 11.30am - 6.00pm

@ Artify Studio #12-07

Art Kits • Jagua Ink Tattoos • Jewellery

Lifestyle Stationeries & Journal Kits & More!

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