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FAQ (Corporate Art Jam)

1. Is this the same as your art jamming sessions or workshops?

Bond & Build is our art jamming programme specially designed for corporates.
You can opt to create regular paintings per individual (perhaps even have a constant theme!), or even do a group painting together on a larger canvas.

2. What can I expect for corporate sessions?

All art materials (canvas, acrylic paint, aprons and painting tools) will be provided for in the studio. 
An instructor will be present to guide you to achieving your final output, whether for individual or group paintings


  • Choose an image: It could be a picture of your trip to New York or even one of your furry friend! Don't have a picture?That's alright, we have plenty to choose from in our huge selection of reference images.​

  • Art comes in different styles – there is no one “correct” way. We’ll go back to basics and learn how to truly observe, to see the things you only can only see when you slow down. Coincidentally, the things that matter to create art - colours, lighting, form, depth... and so on 

  • Art jamming encourages a non-judgmental approach to little things in life, teaching us to see past superficial standards of beauty and find raw allure in everything.​

  • Plastic carriers are provided for you to deliver your precious piece to its new home.


3. How do I book time slots?
We will contact you within 1-2 days upon receiving your request to find the next available time slot.
Please expect an email from Artify Studio or a message from +65 90111431.


4. How many artworks will I take home?
If you opt to create individual paintings, then it's one painting per person.

For group paintings, it is dependent on the number of people painting together on one canvas.


5. Will food and drinks be provided? 
Food, no but drinks yes!

As of 1 May 2021, consumption of food in the studio is no longer allowed until further notice. Drinks are still allowed. Feel free to BYOB! Do note that masks have to be worn immediately after drinking. Kindly ensure that your face mask covers both your nose and mouth.


6. Why must 20% be donated to Artribe? Can I opt out?

By supporting Artify Studio, you are also supporting our social initiative and the good work that we do!


20% of all our corporate programmes are used to fund the work we do for Artribe. Initial funding from Artify Studio helped kick off the Artribe initiative till date. The goal beyond 2021 is for Artribe to evolve into a truly sustainable initiative — one that is for the community from the community. By engaging Artify Studio, you are contributing to growing Artribe's efforts and helping those within.

7. What precautions are the studio taking against COVID-19?

The safety of our participants is of utmost importance to us and we are taking additional COVID-19 Safety Measures to ensure a safe environment for everyone:

  1. Safe Entry

  2. Face masks are required to be worn at all times

  3. Social distancing of at least 1m between each participant

  4. Increased frequency of cleaning and disinfecting

  5. Consumption of food is no longer allowed in our studio until further notice. Drinks are allowed but masks have to be worn immediately after. Kindly ensure that your face mask covers both your nose and mouth.

Artify Studio is registered under 'Private Tuition and Enrichment Classes'- not as an F&B establishment, gym or fitness studio. (Read here)

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