Frequently Asked Questions

1) How much should I give?

Liberty Art Jam endorses a philosophy called The Honour System. It counts on people’s fairness and judgement: in our case, the Giving Guide of S$35 per session. We adapted this system because we believe in the empathy and discretion of the community (read: you!) with whom we engage.


We believe that you will honour the rate provided by our Giving Guide, and if you are able, that you may give a little more than S$35 for the rainy days - days when you or people around you are not able to afford the usual rate.


As an independent art studio (not a charity initiative!), we understand how difficult some days may be for you and the people around you. Keeping our studio alive through The Honour System, we aspire to continue delivering quality service to people from all walks of life to share the experience, wholly made possible by the kindness and selflessness within you and me.


2) Do I need to bring my own materials?
Nope! All art materials are provided. When you turn up, you will be greeted by our humble pantry, a room full of canvas + easels,

and of course, soon-to-be-homies. You can bring sugar, spice and anything nice to share with the community.


Materials provided: 16"x 16" / 16" x 20" canvas, acrylic paint, paintbrushes, palette knives, sponges & apron.


3) Can I bring my own materials?
No oil paints due to the paint odour and no watercolour as we are painting on a canvas placed on the easel. Other mediums are welcome! ☺


4) What if I have no art experience?
We embrace the presence of each art jammer and try to ensure that nobody will be lost in the process. We assure you not to worry if you do not have prior art experience. Tips will be given to kick-start your creative flow. No worries, just come and have fun! ☺


5) My friend wants to come and hang out while I paint. Can they come and not paint?
Sorry, only people who have reserved a slot to paint in our Liberty Art Jam sessions are allowed. If your friend would like to join you, persuade him/her to paint with you!


6) What if I'm late?
Hmm... find a good spot to do a handstand? Oh dear, you will have lesser time to paint. ☹ 


7) What facilities are there?
We have equipment such as a mini-fridge, a Nespresso machine, and our humble pantry. We also have two toilets with shower facilities (give us a heads up if you would like to use our shower, please!).


8) Do you sell food in your premise?
No, but there are many great food options available around! Check out our Foodify section for recommendations around our neighbourhood.


9) Can I bring my own food to your premises? 
Yes, you may. However, try to avoid strong smelling food (e.g. durian or McDonald's) in consideration of our other art jammers. Foods such as sandwiches are sushi are okay. Feel free to bring your own booze!


10) Can my children accompany me to art jam?
We welcome children to join you in an art jamming session but only if your child is 8 years old and above. It may be difficult for our art instructor to give your child individual attention as this is a group art jamming session. We have regular children's art classes if you are keen to let your child begin his/her journey in the artistic world. Do note that we do not have a waiting area in our studio.

11) What if I am unable to finish my work? Can I leave it at your studio and continue another time?
Oh no, our storeroom has run out of space! We highly advise that you complete within the stipulated time. If you have kept your artwork in our studio, it may be difficult for you to continue when you return. Do note that any work that is unclaimed after 6 months will be repurposed.  


12) What if I am unable to finish my painting in one sitting and come back another time to finish it up, must I pay for two sessions?

We want each art jammer to take their time to create a piece they truly love and can take home, so you’re more than welcome to finish up in another sitting (as long as we have space in our storeroom). If you're staying for a second session or returning to complete your artwork, the giving guide of S$35/pax for the subsequent session(s) still applies. The money that we receive from our Liberty Art Jam sessions helps us to pay our rent + utilities, purchase materials and engage our instructors to keep Liberty Art Jam running ☺


Scenario 1

If Sam booked two sessions on Sunday to paint, the giving guide is $70/pax.


Scenario 2 

If Sam booked a session on Friday, the giving guide is $35/pax.

If Sam booked another session on Saturday to finish his artwork, the giving guide for that session is still $35/pax.

13) Are pets allowed on your premises?
No. Our house pet, Danny the Dinosaur, might scare your pets away.


14) Is there parking?
Yes, there is a multi-storey carpark in Textile Centre.

On Weekdays and Saturdays, parking ranges from $2 - $2.50/hour depending on the time. On Sundays, parking is $2.50/per entry. 


15) Is Liberty Art Jam a charity initiative?
No, we are an independent art studio that needs to survive, sustain and grow. Through The Honour System we hope to build a culture that puts its faith in humanity, not just regulations.


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