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 Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the difference between Unguided Art Jam and Liberty Art Jam?


Unguided Art Jam has no guidance at all and only questions regarding placement of equipment will be answered. Unguided Art Jam is $25/pax for 2.5 hours. Liberty Art Jam includes guidance from instructors in terms of how to kick start the work and troubleshooting questions. Minor demonstrations will be shown if required. However, instructors are not obliged to help participants to paint his/her/their painting. 


Unguided Art Jam costs $25/pax for 2.5 hours 

Liberty Art Jam costs $38/pax for 2.5 hours


Unguided Art Jam (only available on weekdays)

Monday - Friday: 10.00am - 5.30pm (Last session starts at 3pm and ends at 5.30pm) 

Public Holidays: Closed

Liberty Art Jam 

Tuesday - Friday*: 7.00pm - 9.30pm 

Saturday: 1.00pm - 3.30pm or 4.15pm - 6.45pm

Sunday: 12.30pm - 3.00pm or 3.30pm - 6.00pm

*Min. 4 pax required to start a session

Do note that prior booking is required for all art jamming sessions & sessions are subject to availability

2) Can I extend my painting session?

For Unguided Art Jam, there is a charge of $10 for any additional hour. 

For Liberty Art Jam, no extension is allowed as we need to end on time and respect our instructors' personal time.

3) What if I am unable to finish my painting in one sitting? If I come back another time to finish it up, must I pay for two sessions?

We want each art jammer to take their time to create a piece they truly love and can take home, so you’re more than welcome to finish up in another sitting (as long as we have space in our storeroom). If you're staying for a second session or returning to complete your artwork, the rate of S$38/pax for the subsequent session(s) still applies. The money that we receive from our Liberty Art Jam sessions helps us to pay our rent + utilities, purchase materials and engage our instructors to keep Liberty Art Jam running ☺ Alternatively, you can opt for the unguided art jam sessions ($25/pax) to complete your painting depending on your preference.


Scenario 1 (Liberty Art Jam)

If Sam booked two sessions on Sunday to paint, the rate is $76/pax.


Scenario 2 (Liberty Art Jam)

If Sam booked a session on Friday night, the rate is $38/pax.

If Sam booked another session on Saturday to finish his artwork, the rate for that session is still $38/pax.

4) Can I request for an extra canvas?
Sure, if you are a fast worker why not? Do note that an extra canvas will be an additional charge of $8 per canvas (40cm x 50cm). 

5) What if I want to upsize or downsize my canvas?

We only have upsizing available to 50cm x 60cm at $50 or 

90cm x 60cm at $100 where 2 person can share 1 canvas. 

6) Do I need to bring my own materials?
Nope! All art materials are provided. When you turn up, you will be greeted by our humble pantry, a room full of canvas + easels,

and of course, soon-to-be-homies. You can bring sugar, spice and anything nice to share with the community.


Materials provided: 40cm x 50cm canvas, acrylic paint, paintbrushes, palette knives, sponges & apron.


7) Can I bring my own materials?
No oil paints due to the paint odour and no watercolour as we are painting on a canvas placed on the easel. Other mediums are welcome! ☺


8) What if I have no art experience?
We embrace the presence of each art jammer and try to ensure that nobody will be lost in the process. We assure you not to worry if you do not have prior art experience. Tips will be given to kick-start your creative flow. No worries, just come and have fun! ☺

9) Who is suitable to join our art jam sessions? 

For Liberty Art Jam, we require a minimum of 7 years and above to join the session due to the long duration of 2.5 hours which is not suitable for younger kids' attention span. For the consideration of other Liberty Art Jammers, we refrain from having kids younger than 7 years old. Do note that an accompanying adult is not allowed unless he/she is joining the session as a participant. Apart from the minimum age, we welcome everyone of all ages including senior folks! Do let us know if you have any underlying medical condition that we need to be aware of.


Please note that there is a flight of stairs to access our studio and is thus not wheelchair-accessible. 

For Unguided Art Jam, kids below 7 years old will require one accompanying adult. The accompanying adult is encouraged to join the painting session - 1 kid strictly to 1 accompanying adult. 


10) My friend wants to come and hang out while I paint. Can they come and not paint?
Sorry, only people who have reserved a slot to paint in our Art Jam sessions are allowed. If your friend would like to join you, persuade him/her to paint with you!


11) What if I'm late for Liberty Art Jam/Unguided Art Jam?
Do inform us beforehand if you are going to be late. Don't leave us hanging! Sessions will still end on time so please be punctual! 


12) What facilities are there?
Other than our painting tools/materials, we have equipment such as a mini-fridge stocked with drinks and our humble pantry. We also have two bathrooms that are kept sparkling clean.


13) Do you sell food in your premise?
No, but there are many great food options available around!


14) Can I bring my own food to your premises? 
No. As of 1 May 2021, consumption of food in our studio is no longer allowed until further notice. Drinking in our studio is allowed but masks have to be worn immediately when you are done. Kindly ensure that your mask covers both your nose and mouth when worn.


15) Can my children accompany me to Liberty Art Jam?
Refer to No. 9)We have regular children's art classes if you are keen to let your child begin his/her journey in the artistic world. Do note that we do not have a waiting area in our studio for you to hang around.


16) What if I am unable to finish my work? Can I leave it at your studio and continue another time?
Oh no, our storeroom has run out of space! We highly advise that you complete within the stipulated time. If you have kept your artwork in our studio, it may be difficult for you to continue when you return. Do note that any work that is unclaimed after 6 months will be repurposed.  

17) Are pets allowed on your premises?
No. Our house pet, Danny the Dinosaur, might scare your pets away.


18) Is there parking?
Yes, there is a multi-storey carpark in Textile Centre.

On Weekdays and Saturdays, parking ranges from $2 - $2.50/hour depending on the time. On Sundays, parking is $2.50/per entry. 

Please Google 'Textile Centre multi-storey carpark' for updated info.

19) Is Liberty Art Jam a charity initiative?
No, we are an independent art studio that needs to survive, sustain and grow.


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