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Liberty Art Jam endorses a philosophy called The Honour System. It counts on people’s fairness and judgement: in our case, the Giving Guide of SGD$35 per session.
We adapted this system because we believe in the empathy and discretion of the community (read: you!) with whom we engage.


We believe that you will honour the rate provided by our Giving Guide, and if you are able, that you may give a little more than S$35 for the rainy days - days when you or people around you are not able to afford the usual rate.

As an independent art studio (not a charity initiative!),
we understand how difficult some days may be for you and the people around you. Keeping our studio alive through The Honour System, we aspire to continue delivering quality service to people from all walks of life to share the experience, wholly made possible by the generosity and kindness within you and me.


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